Farm Box

Farm Box



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Farm Boxes include 7-9 varieties of seasonally available fresh produce, worth approximately $30-32 but sold together for $25, giving you both variety and a great deal. Similar to a CSA, but without the upfront costs, and orders are on a weekly basis once you've seen what is available that week.

Farm Box for 5/27 includes:

  • Strawberry Quart

  • Loose leaf lettuce- 2 bags

  • Kale bunch

  • Candy cane beets

  • Hakeuri salad turnips

  • Bunching onions

  • Oregano bunch


Examples of past farm boxes:

  • Spring (pictured): two 5-oz boxes of loose-leaf mesclun mix, one 5-oz box of baby arugula, Swiss chard bunch, 2-3 heads of Bok Choi, bunching onions, mint, sage, and a quart of strawberries

  • Summer: 3-4 large heirloom slicing tomatoes, quart of sweet peppers, fresh garlic, 1-2 lbs of yellow potatoes, 2 cucumbers, quart of okra, oregano

  • Fall: loose-leaf lettuce mix, head of Buttercrunch lettuce, bunch of rainbow carrots, dinosaur kale bunch, bunch of golden/chioggia/red beets, winter squash or sweet potatoes, thyme

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