Q: Am i in the right place?

A: Our driveway is quite long, and the farm and house are set back from the road. We are located off of Jarvis Road (NOT Collins Road), and the driveway is located in the woods with wooden fencing and marked with a black chalkboard sign.

Q: What are your hours? CAN I JUST SHOW UP?

A: Both Brett and Megan work full time off the farm as schoolteachers. While we are often on the farm, we ask that you please schedule your visits with us in advance so we can make sure we are there to greet you. This property is not only a working farm, but our family home, and we value our family time.

Q: I haven't ordered yet. Can i just show up?

A: We are a small farm, not a grocery store. That means we don't have shelves fully stocked and produce ready to go. When you place an order, we will harvest your order as fresh as possible before you pick it up. That gives you the maximum shelf life and also the healthiest food possible. Please don't expect to just show up without advance notice and be able to pick up your food! We often post farm hours or arrange individual pick-up times to minimize your wait time. We will also confirm any orders placed within 24 hours, so please wait for confirmation before arriving.


Q: How do I order?

A: You can order online, or alternatively email/call/text us at the contact information listed at the bottom of this page. If you order online, you must pay with a credit card in order to complete the purchase. If you prefer to pay by cash/check, you should place an order with us directly and ensure that we respond so that your order is confirmed.


Q: DO I need to bring anything special?

A: We encourage you to bring reusable bags to carry your order. Also, if you are attending a tour or workshop, we suggest that you wear "farm clothes", or clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, including waterproof or water resistant shoes if it is rainy or muddy.


Q: Can we bring our child(REN) to the farm?

A: We are a family farm, and totally encourage you to get your kids interested in "real" food at an early age. If you are picking up an order, by all means, please bring your child along. If you are taking a tour, children are allowed, but we ask that they are well behaved and stay on designated pathways to prevent them from injuring themselves or our vegetables and livestock.


Q: Can we bring our dog to the farm?

A: While we are sure your pups are well trained and friendly, we ask that you refrain from bringing them to our farm. We have three dogs already, and lots of livestock, and our main priority is keeping our own animals safe.