Naturally Sunkissed Farm


Bishopville, MD 21813

We are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, right outside of Ocean City. We grow real food on a small space using intensive management techniques and organic practices, supplying food for our family. 



Naturally Sunkissed (NatSun) Farm is owned by Brett and Megan Hines, a husband and wife duo who are full-time schoolteachers with a passion for sustainable agriculture and producing our own food. We have been growing produce and raising livestock since 2014. We utilize a small-scale minimal till annual vegetable field, a small fruit orchard, and a perennial area of strawberries, hops, and asparagus, all of which are grown using organic practices. We raise grass-fed North Country Cheviot sheep, a dual-purpose breed, Kune Kune pigs, and dairy Nigerian Dwarf goats on an intensively managed rotational pasture. We grow our food for our own family consumption. This website is meant to provide education on the matter of a young couple trying to produce their own food by taking care of the land to reduce their carbon footprint.



Eastern Shore Food Cooperative — Our local food cooperative.  They sell organic produce from nearby farms. Email them directly at to join their mailing list.

Fair Farms — We support their mission in advocating for a world that is fair to farmers, invests in homegrown healthy foods, and restores our waterways instead of polluting them. See more at their website:





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